Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chocolatey 2009

Aaaaah... Last cake of the year and it's specially baked for my cousin who's celebrating her 20th birthday on 1st of Jan!
Her mom told me that she's a chocolate fanatic and voila!! A mini devil's chocolate moist cake with loads of chocolate cream as icing and top with fresh strawberry slices.. How about that? A sweet start for 2009?
HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR to you all!!
Not forgetting a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ka Mun!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cupcakes

Made some cupcakes for my mom as she wanted to bring something for her friend's Christmas party.
So I whipped up a bunch of Vanilla Lemon cupcakes with some Christmas themed 3D 'decors' for her.
When my mom got back from her party, I asked her if the cupcakes were a hit. She told me... err... kinda... but the guests didn't want to eat them coz looked too 'unreal' to be eaten... DUH!!!!!
What do you think?

T~Cakes! Inspired by you.

This is the very beginning of T~Cakes! Something that I call my own... a little hobby that turns into a passion which I would love to share with each and everyone of you.

Each masterpiece is created with you in mind, with little personal touches that you can claimed your own.

T~Cakes, inspired by you.