Monday, August 24, 2009

Any Bunnies out there ?

Here's a moist Carrot cake with Lemony cream cheese topping which I did sometime ago... just didn't manage to post it up because I didnt' know where the pics went in my camera... :p

Well.. it was saved under a 'clipboard' instead of my usual Memory card space.. no wonder I can't locate it.. hehehehe!!

And yes!! The 'soil' is edible too..!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What does Love have in common with Thomas & Friends ??

These are my Creation for the 1st half of the week...
The 1st one... requested from my dear dear friend Gerry for her aunty 'Ah Kim'... its actually a bigger version of what I had done before... and I must say, I'm quite happy with the result as the cake raised quite nicely and I didn't need to reshape it at all... And of course... what is love without choclate right ? So... it's my ever best moist chocolate cake with rich but not too sweet chocolate cream...
I hope 'Ah Kim' likes the cake!!

And the 2nd one is for my son's school Birthday celebration which fell on 19 Aug... I was thinking.. since it's for school.. so I made cupcakes for him... easier for the kids to eat or bring back.. instead of messy cakes.. Plus the school had thweir 'National' celebration on the same day and all the kids were in their traditional clothes.. and they're all soooooo cute!!!! Christian went to school with a chinese top and a pair of jeans.. cool eh??? Heheheh!!

The 'Thomas & Friends' cuppies are marble cake with white chocolate cream.. and of coz I toned down the sugar level... didn't want the kids to run around and be hyperactive due to sugar rush!! Hahahhahaa!!

And the answer to my title is, of course.... Chocolates!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Same Birthday - but 29 years difference!

Had a Birthday party for my son last Sat (Aug 8).. and he has just turned 3.. And since he absolutely into trains at the moment, so I made him a 3D train chocolate cake with buttercream icing...

At the same time, it's also 'Sai lou's' birthday.. he's also born on Aug 8.. but 29 years difference.. so you do the Maths ok... And this 'boy'.. he's into cars and racing and all that... so while cracking my brain, my husband gave me a terrific idea.... which is to do something what he loves... Take a look at his cake below.. and tell me if you know what it is... :) And of course.. it's also a Chocolate cake but with yummy Mint Ganache to give it a blast!

You know what this ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthdays and more birthdays

There's a lot of birthdays that came and went.. and still coming... in Aug... lots of Aug babies ya...
Here's 2 birthday cupcakes and cake which I baked for 2 birthdays...

Here's the cupcakes for the lovely Eirene.. it's Chocolate cupcake top with 'not too sweet' buttercream - request from the customer incase the kids gets really hyper active due to the sugar rush! Hehe!!
I guess from the cupcakes.. Eirene must really like pink color... One thing I forgot to ask my customer.. how old is Eirene ? Talk abt me having a birdbrain huh....

Here's another chocolate cake which I baked for a good friend of mine.. Her birthday is today... SO Happy Birthday Gladys!! The design of this cake is inspired by the world famous cake decorator, Peggy Porshen... every part of the cake is edible including the flowers (made from icing!) except for the cake board of course!! hehe!