Thursday, October 29, 2009

I had fun!

I really enjoyed decorating this cake.. and when I am done with it.. I'm pretty please with the result... esp the string work..
Do you like it as much as I do ?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink & Princess

Last minute cupcakes for my 5 yrs old niece (My sis's daughter) who celebrated her birthday last Sat with her grandparents and cousin (daddy side).
The conversation with my sis took place Thursday, late afternoon:-

Sis: Sis... can you make a barbie doll jelly cake for Mabel ? Something like the one you made for Thea's Birthday ?

Me: Sure.. No problem...

Sis: Ok great. But then.. not too sweet can ? Coz we are celebrating her birthday with her my in-laws..

Me: Okok... not too sweet.. got it... When do you need it...?

Sis: Err... Sat morning ?

Me: Huh???!!! You mad arr!! *my eye suddenly opened really wide*... Cannot la... too short of a time... Plus this Sat, I'm going to Melaka for a day trip with the girls.... You should give me more advance notice la...

Sis: Hmmm... How like that..?

Me: Hmmm... What I can do is to quickly whip up a batch of cupcakes for you... how many do you need ?

Sis: Six (6)

Me: What???? Only six ???? *almost fainted*.. 1 batch is about 18 - 23 pieces la.... The rest how ?
Sis: Aiyoooooooo.... How like that ?
Me: Sigh... *shaking my head*... Its only because of you and Mabel that I'll doit... Since she likes all the pink and princess stuff... I'll do something simple for her...
Sis: Okok... Thank you so much!!

And here's the outcome of our conversation:-

And instead of 6, I passed her 9 cupcakes..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cupcakes & Present

Made this specially for a particular customer recommended by my colleague.. He wanted this for his Boss... and told me... 'Terri.. Please feel free to design... as long as it look nice! Apparently.. he and his colleagues wanna throw their boss a nice BIRTHDAY PARTY! Man.... he must be a really nice boss to have his subordinates treat him like that....
Anyway... so here's the cupcakes & present... and it's Chocolatey Chocolate with a very very yummy Chocolate Frosting taken from Martha Stewart's recipe... and you know what ? The frosting taste exactly like Chocolate Ice Cream... even my son who doesn't like Chocolate.. ate a whole cupcake and said.. Mummy... can I have some more....
And this morning.. I got an sms from my customer saying that.. everyone is very happy with the cake and thanked me for it... and that really put a smile on my face this morning despite of the terrible morning jam that I was stuck in on the way to work..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yummy Strawberries

This is a very last minute sponge cake order requested by one of my customer who's totally forgotten about her boyfriend's birthday until the night before...

This sponge cake is laced with loads of fresh strawberries... in between layers and on top... sides coated with rich chocolate rice and topped with rich dark chocolate curls.... and of course... not to forget... the cake is frosted with a generous coat of fresh and delicious fresh cream...

Its very nice... somewhat.. light, citrusy, and not too sweet on a nice warm day.. esp when it's served fresh from the fridge.