Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink & Princess

Last minute cupcakes for my 5 yrs old niece (My sis's daughter) who celebrated her birthday last Sat with her grandparents and cousin (daddy side).
The conversation with my sis took place Thursday, late afternoon:-

Sis: Sis... can you make a barbie doll jelly cake for Mabel ? Something like the one you made for Thea's Birthday ?

Me: Sure.. No problem...

Sis: Ok great. But then.. not too sweet can ? Coz we are celebrating her birthday with her my in-laws..

Me: Okok... not too sweet.. got it... When do you need it...?

Sis: Err... Sat morning ?

Me: Huh???!!! You mad arr!! *my eye suddenly opened really wide*... Cannot la... too short of a time... Plus this Sat, I'm going to Melaka for a day trip with the girls.... You should give me more advance notice la...

Sis: Hmmm... How like that..?

Me: Hmmm... What I can do is to quickly whip up a batch of cupcakes for you... how many do you need ?

Sis: Six (6)

Me: What???? Only six ???? *almost fainted*.. 1 batch is about 18 - 23 pieces la.... The rest how ?
Sis: Aiyoooooooo.... How like that ?
Me: Sigh... *shaking my head*... Its only because of you and Mabel that I'll doit... Since she likes all the pink and princess stuff... I'll do something simple for her...
Sis: Okok... Thank you so much!!

And here's the outcome of our conversation:-

And instead of 6, I passed her 9 cupcakes..


  1. Wah..... nice hor... so many princesses...

  2. It's really, really sweet and lovely...

  3. Wow, the cupcakes are so pretty. You are so patient to draw those princesses on the cupcakes.

  4. Hahahaha..
    Thanks Mun.. I didn't draw them.. I will go mad if I did... :)
    Thanks to the wonderful ready made edible prints... which made all these cupcakes possible :)