Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cartoon Moonies & Eggy Madness

Last weekend, I created lots of Mini Mouses, Kitty Cats & Garfields....
Huh ? What do I mean ? Well... Those are cartoon theme Ping Pei mooncakes which will melt each and everyone's hearts esp. kids and those young at heart, ahem.. like me! Hehe!!

These lovely ping pei are stuffed with nice, smooth and not too sweet (this is very important) plain lotus paste. Mmmmmm... Yummy!! Especially when you serve them straight from the fridge...

Oh yes!! They're in tiny bit size too so that you won't get too stuff with eating a huge mooncake.
Just nice for those watching their waistline :)
By the way, I 'stole' the mooncake picture from my dear friend 'Redbabe' coz I couldn't fine a nice shot of the moonies that I've made..
And I gave these Ping Pei mooncakes to her...
Nice hor.. her photoskill.. *better compliment a bit coz I took her picture* hehe!

And I've also baked this really tasty egg & Tuna pots... and egg & Bacon bit pots (yummy)..stuff with lots of cheese inbetween... It was an instant hit!! And they're really easy to make too!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cheers mate!!

My boss is a NewZealander and he loves to drink!
So I baked this 'Mug of beer' for his Birthday last week and his first comment was 'WOW!! I never had a THEME cake before!!'

This is chocolate fudge and buttercream cake