Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its a Polka Dots Affair

This 3 tier wedding cake is specifically requested from my goodfriends.. KH and Chris... and Chris was the one who insisted on having a polka dot wedding cake..
Truly unique!!

KH and Chris,
Congrats and wish you all the sweetest moments in your life long journey together.

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas Jiselle!

This lovely cake is requested by Elaine, for her 2 yrs old daughter, Jiselle's birthday which falls on Christmas Eve.
Her request is to combine Christmas and Birthday together with the reference to one of my previous Creative..
Guess which one...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes for Gladys

Some Christmas cupcakes for Gladys which I promised her.. that taste EXACTLY like Chocolate Ice Cream!!

Strawberries for Mom

My mom's birthday was yesterday... and she requested to have a light & simple cake with lots of strawberries...

Ben 10 for 4

Got a very last minute request from a repeated customer...
I told him.. my schedule is full and I can't possibly squeeze his order in... he called me on Thursday night and told me he needs the cake on Sunday night...

At first.. I went like... No la.. sorry... I can't make it coz I still need to complete 2 cake orders by Sat night...
Anyway... he was quite persistent.. and told me quite a touching story of the boy...
So my 'kindness' got the better of me... Ahem!!! and told him.. I will do a very simple one as I still have to complete my other orders... Just for the Birthday boy 4 yrs old birthday...
Hence over sleepless night.. I completed the cake by Sat evening...

And I got a sms from my customer yesterday... that the birthday boy was very happy to see his favorite character on his cake and get to eat his favorite chocolate cake as well...
Now that really put a smile on my face... and the sleepless night was all worth it.

Black & White

This is a 2 tiered cake.. top Chocolate and butter at the bottom...
The birthday girls requested their birthday cake to be in black and white...
Hmmmm... they're teenagers... so go figure....

Friday, December 4, 2009


POCOYO cake for 2 yr old Aaron.
Jordan saw it... refuse to let go... and took it to school with him to show off
Plato's leg broke and he's crying like mad now...
Dad sigh... and say will poke toothpicks into it to make it stand...
I was like.... uh ????

So will the cake reach Aaron (Jordan's cousin) tomorrow ?
Watch out this blog for the 'kesudahannya' :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you want a designer cake ?

My customer ordered this for her daughter's birthday. She told me last year.. they gave her a 'Prada' cake... So this year is Chanel

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I had fun!

I really enjoyed decorating this cake.. and when I am done with it.. I'm pretty please with the result... esp the string work..
Do you like it as much as I do ?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink & Princess

Last minute cupcakes for my 5 yrs old niece (My sis's daughter) who celebrated her birthday last Sat with her grandparents and cousin (daddy side).
The conversation with my sis took place Thursday, late afternoon:-

Sis: Sis... can you make a barbie doll jelly cake for Mabel ? Something like the one you made for Thea's Birthday ?

Me: Sure.. No problem...

Sis: Ok great. But then.. not too sweet can ? Coz we are celebrating her birthday with her my in-laws..

Me: Okok... not too sweet.. got it... When do you need it...?

Sis: Err... Sat morning ?

Me: Huh???!!! You mad arr!! *my eye suddenly opened really wide*... Cannot la... too short of a time... Plus this Sat, I'm going to Melaka for a day trip with the girls.... You should give me more advance notice la...

Sis: Hmmm... How like that..?

Me: Hmmm... What I can do is to quickly whip up a batch of cupcakes for you... how many do you need ?

Sis: Six (6)

Me: What???? Only six ???? *almost fainted*.. 1 batch is about 18 - 23 pieces la.... The rest how ?
Sis: Aiyoooooooo.... How like that ?
Me: Sigh... *shaking my head*... Its only because of you and Mabel that I'll doit... Since she likes all the pink and princess stuff... I'll do something simple for her...
Sis: Okok... Thank you so much!!

And here's the outcome of our conversation:-

And instead of 6, I passed her 9 cupcakes..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cupcakes & Present

Made this specially for a particular customer recommended by my colleague.. He wanted this for his Boss... and told me... 'Terri.. Please feel free to design... as long as it look nice! Apparently.. he and his colleagues wanna throw their boss a nice BIRTHDAY PARTY! Man.... he must be a really nice boss to have his subordinates treat him like that....
Anyway... so here's the cupcakes & present... and it's Chocolatey Chocolate with a very very yummy Chocolate Frosting taken from Martha Stewart's recipe... and you know what ? The frosting taste exactly like Chocolate Ice Cream... even my son who doesn't like Chocolate.. ate a whole cupcake and said.. Mummy... can I have some more....
And this morning.. I got an sms from my customer saying that.. everyone is very happy with the cake and thanked me for it... and that really put a smile on my face this morning despite of the terrible morning jam that I was stuck in on the way to work..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yummy Strawberries

This is a very last minute sponge cake order requested by one of my customer who's totally forgotten about her boyfriend's birthday until the night before...

This sponge cake is laced with loads of fresh strawberries... in between layers and on top... sides coated with rich chocolate rice and topped with rich dark chocolate curls.... and of course... not to forget... the cake is frosted with a generous coat of fresh and delicious fresh cream...

Its very nice... somewhat.. light, citrusy, and not too sweet on a nice warm day.. esp when it's served fresh from the fridge.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cartoon Moonies & Eggy Madness

Last weekend, I created lots of Mini Mouses, Kitty Cats & Garfields....
Huh ? What do I mean ? Well... Those are cartoon theme Ping Pei mooncakes which will melt each and everyone's hearts esp. kids and those young at heart, ahem.. like me! Hehe!!

These lovely ping pei are stuffed with nice, smooth and not too sweet (this is very important) plain lotus paste. Mmmmmm... Yummy!! Especially when you serve them straight from the fridge...

Oh yes!! They're in tiny bit size too so that you won't get too stuff with eating a huge mooncake.
Just nice for those watching their waistline :)
By the way, I 'stole' the mooncake picture from my dear friend 'Redbabe' coz I couldn't fine a nice shot of the moonies that I've made..
And I gave these Ping Pei mooncakes to her...
Nice hor.. her photoskill.. *better compliment a bit coz I took her picture* hehe!

And I've also baked this really tasty egg & Tuna pots... and egg & Bacon bit pots (yummy)..stuff with lots of cheese inbetween... It was an instant hit!! And they're really easy to make too!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cheers mate!!

My boss is a NewZealander and he loves to drink!
So I baked this 'Mug of beer' for his Birthday last week and his first comment was 'WOW!! I never had a THEME cake before!!'

This is chocolate fudge and buttercream cake

Monday, August 24, 2009

Any Bunnies out there ?

Here's a moist Carrot cake with Lemony cream cheese topping which I did sometime ago... just didn't manage to post it up because I didnt' know where the pics went in my camera... :p

Well.. it was saved under a 'clipboard' instead of my usual Memory card space.. no wonder I can't locate it.. hehehehe!!

And yes!! The 'soil' is edible too..!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What does Love have in common with Thomas & Friends ??

These are my Creation for the 1st half of the week...
The 1st one... requested from my dear dear friend Gerry for her aunty 'Ah Kim'... its actually a bigger version of what I had done before... and I must say, I'm quite happy with the result as the cake raised quite nicely and I didn't need to reshape it at all... And of course... what is love without choclate right ? So... it's my ever best moist chocolate cake with rich but not too sweet chocolate cream...
I hope 'Ah Kim' likes the cake!!

And the 2nd one is for my son's school Birthday celebration which fell on 19 Aug... I was thinking.. since it's for school.. so I made cupcakes for him... easier for the kids to eat or bring back.. instead of messy cakes.. Plus the school had thweir 'National' celebration on the same day and all the kids were in their traditional clothes.. and they're all soooooo cute!!!! Christian went to school with a chinese top and a pair of jeans.. cool eh??? Heheheh!!

The 'Thomas & Friends' cuppies are marble cake with white chocolate cream.. and of coz I toned down the sugar level... didn't want the kids to run around and be hyperactive due to sugar rush!! Hahahhahaa!!

And the answer to my title is, of course.... Chocolates!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Same Birthday - but 29 years difference!

Had a Birthday party for my son last Sat (Aug 8).. and he has just turned 3.. And since he absolutely into trains at the moment, so I made him a 3D train chocolate cake with buttercream icing...

At the same time, it's also 'Sai lou's' birthday.. he's also born on Aug 8.. but 29 years difference.. so you do the Maths ok... And this 'boy'.. he's into cars and racing and all that... so while cracking my brain, my husband gave me a terrific idea.... which is to do something what he loves... Take a look at his cake below.. and tell me if you know what it is... :) And of course.. it's also a Chocolate cake but with yummy Mint Ganache to give it a blast!

You know what this ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthdays and more birthdays

There's a lot of birthdays that came and went.. and still coming... in Aug... lots of Aug babies ya...
Here's 2 birthday cupcakes and cake which I baked for 2 birthdays...

Here's the cupcakes for the lovely Eirene.. it's Chocolate cupcake top with 'not too sweet' buttercream - request from the customer incase the kids gets really hyper active due to the sugar rush! Hehe!!
I guess from the cupcakes.. Eirene must really like pink color... One thing I forgot to ask my customer.. how old is Eirene ? Talk abt me having a birdbrain huh....

Here's another chocolate cake which I baked for a good friend of mine.. Her birthday is today... SO Happy Birthday Gladys!! The design of this cake is inspired by the world famous cake decorator, Peggy Porshen... every part of the cake is edible including the flowers (made from icing!) except for the cake board of course!! hehe!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Goodies...

I had an order for his 3 years Anniversary with her girlfriend... and he said he wanted something small and 'different'... Hmmmm.. wondering what he meant by different... so I did this for him... Luckily he likes it!! It's a 6 inches chocolate cake with lots of choclate ganache all over...

Yeah... they are a VERY lovey dovey couple... hehehehe...

And on Sunday... I experimented with some choolates and here are the results..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tira - Miss - U

This is a Tiramisu cake I made over the weekend... before that I was frantically looking for Kahlua.. a type of coffee liquor to give the Tiramisu the 'omph'!! It's a good thing I found it in the nick of time.. *yes!*
I forgot to take a picture before my customer picked it up.. luckily she's nice enough to send me a pic

Monday, July 13, 2009

I've been baking!!

Yeah... I know I know... it's been a while since I last posted my baking creations... However, that doesn't mean that I've not been baking... I have!!
And here's some to share...

Here's a very Unique cake that my cousin An has requested for her Husband's birthday... a Mango Butter cake.. and white chocolate ganache.. well.. I must admit that this is the FIRST time that I had such a request... and since her husband loves biking activities... here's the latest Mountain Bike for his keeping!!

This is a Strawberry cake ordered by one of my customer.. who said.. 'I suddenly have Strawberry cravings!! Can you bake me a cake filled with Strawberries and Whipped Cream..?' I told her sure.. no problem... considered it done!! Voila!!

And you know what.. she said she finished the cake ALL by herself in 2 days!!! Luckily it was a 6 inches cake.. and she's a real skinny.. :p

Banana Chocolate Chip topping with Cinammon Cream Cheese Frosting.... sounds like heaven right... ? It is!!!

More cakes to come ok... Just need to look for all the pictures I took... shucks!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An's Chocolate Cheese Cake

My cousin An is an absolute choc & cheese lover... so I combined both and baked a chocolate cheese cake for her for her birthday recently..

And this is her review.. *cut and paste* from her email to me...

"cake is deliciously chocolate heaven for choc lover, with the rich chocolate cheese texture, its to die for...if you are looking for firm cheesecake, this will be a little on the soft side, but nevertheless its a true satisifying ... lick how am i going to keep my weight down??"

Oh! And she send this picture to me coz I totally forgotten abt snapping a photo of the cake befire I pass to her .
So creative of her to use tea light as candle... :) Somehow creates a different feel with the blue table cloth and the blue tea light. Nice!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

'Under the Sea' Weekend

Last Sunday, my Instructor and one of my fellow coursemate and I volunteered for a charity event organized by Malaysia Nature Society. In addition to that, we had great help from one of the MNS fellow member who's a cake enthusiast, Alison. The 4 of us conducted a simple Cupcake Decorating Class for kids with the 'Under the Sea' theme. It was great fun as the kids + their parents truly enjoyed themselves decorating their butter & chocolate cupcakes with blue buttercream icing and lots of fishes / seahorses, starfishes / beautiful seashells and crocodiles (uh ?? crocodiles ??).. hehehe! On top of that, we have lots of jimmies and sprinkles to 'enhance' the cuppies :D

Overall, it was great... if you think only girlies love this kind of session... think again!! We have lots of boys participating as well... and guess what, 2 boys actually snapped up the 1st & 2nd prize of the best cupcake decorated!! :D
We were all so amazed with the kids.. and of course the parents did enquire if we are conducting any classes of this sort... and that got us thinking... hmmmm... maybe we should!! Hehe!! Something to think about in details...

Anyway, I want to thank my instructor, Paige for making those great looking fishes.. seashells..starfishes and seahorses.. they lok so 'real' and I know she spend a lot of late nights doing them.. and Carolyn.. for baking 70 delicious butter & chocolate cupcakes .. they're all so lovely!! and Alison... for helping out with the buttercream and royal icing... Thanks so much Allison.. it's really great knowing you!

Here are some pictures to share...

This little girl... *can't remeber her name.. my bad* showing off her creations
Lovely little Joanne... totally 'into' decorating her cupcakes..
The winners of the best cupcake decoration
A group pictures with mummies & daddies
'Under the Sea' Cupcakes

Pingu & Friends

This 6 years old birthday boy totally into Pingu and his friends.. His dad said to me... he sleeps Pingu.. eats Pingu and breathes Pingu.. :D hehehehe.. Maybe I exagerated a bit la! But he loves Pingu.. So for his birthday cake... I make Pingu 2 tiered chocolate cake for him and best of all.. he can keep his Pingu & friends figurines after he blowed his candles!! Isn't that great!!?? Anyway, Happy Birthday Jordan. Even though you were borned on April Fool's Day.. but you are sure no fool!! :D