Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An's Chocolate Cheese Cake

My cousin An is an absolute choc & cheese lover... so I combined both and baked a chocolate cheese cake for her for her birthday recently..

And this is her review.. *cut and paste* from her email to me...

"cake is deliciously chocolate heaven for choc lover, with the rich chocolate cheese texture, its to die for...if you are looking for firm cheesecake, this will be a little on the soft side, but nevertheless its a true satisifying ... lick lick.....now how am i going to keep my weight down??"

Oh! And she send this picture to me coz I totally forgotten abt snapping a photo of the cake befire I pass to her .
So creative of her to use tea light as candle... :) Somehow creates a different feel with the blue table cloth and the blue tea light. Nice!!

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