Friday, April 3, 2009

'Under the Sea' Weekend

Last Sunday, my Instructor and one of my fellow coursemate and I volunteered for a charity event organized by Malaysia Nature Society. In addition to that, we had great help from one of the MNS fellow member who's a cake enthusiast, Alison. The 4 of us conducted a simple Cupcake Decorating Class for kids with the 'Under the Sea' theme. It was great fun as the kids + their parents truly enjoyed themselves decorating their butter & chocolate cupcakes with blue buttercream icing and lots of fishes / seahorses, starfishes / beautiful seashells and crocodiles (uh ?? crocodiles ??).. hehehe! On top of that, we have lots of jimmies and sprinkles to 'enhance' the cuppies :D

Overall, it was great... if you think only girlies love this kind of session... think again!! We have lots of boys participating as well... and guess what, 2 boys actually snapped up the 1st & 2nd prize of the best cupcake decorated!! :D
We were all so amazed with the kids.. and of course the parents did enquire if we are conducting any classes of this sort... and that got us thinking... hmmmm... maybe we should!! Hehe!! Something to think about in details...

Anyway, I want to thank my instructor, Paige for making those great looking fishes.. seashells..starfishes and seahorses.. they lok so 'real' and I know she spend a lot of late nights doing them.. and Carolyn.. for baking 70 delicious butter & chocolate cupcakes .. they're all so lovely!! and Alison... for helping out with the buttercream and royal icing... Thanks so much Allison.. it's really great knowing you!

Here are some pictures to share...

This little girl... *can't remeber her name.. my bad* showing off her creations
Lovely little Joanne... totally 'into' decorating her cupcakes..
The winners of the best cupcake decoration
A group pictures with mummies & daddies
'Under the Sea' Cupcakes

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