Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Same Birthday - but 29 years difference!

Had a Birthday party for my son last Sat (Aug 8).. and he has just turned 3.. And since he absolutely into trains at the moment, so I made him a 3D train chocolate cake with buttercream icing...

At the same time, it's also 'Sai lou's' birthday.. he's also born on Aug 8.. but 29 years difference.. so you do the Maths ok... And this 'boy'.. he's into cars and racing and all that... so while cracking my brain, my husband gave me a terrific idea.... which is to do something what he loves... Take a look at his cake below.. and tell me if you know what it is... :) And of course.. it's also a Chocolate cake but with yummy Mint Ganache to give it a blast!

You know what this ?

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