Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!

Christmas came and went and now, a celebration for all the Chinese, here come's Chinese New Year which falls on the 26th of Jan this year.. yay!! That means holiday again!!
Sigh! I must be getting lazy from Christmas and New Year hols.

Ah but then, I'm already geared up for this coming CNY with this!!

Lovely Cherry Blossoms. A must haves in every household during Chinese New Year

And what is Chinese New Year without wishing for Properity. Here's a Gold Nugget for you!!YEAH!! Money! Money!!

Sweet Mandarin Oranges 'Kam' for everyone!

Nien Nien Yau Yu' - errr... Every year has fish??

And of course we cannot miss out our Brother Ox! It his year!! The year of Ox!!

Want to get some for this CNY? Let me know at least 1 week in advance ok.

Last but not least.. GONG XI FA CAI!! Have a great Chinese New Year nd eat lots and lots and grow fatt fatt ok... hehehe!!

*pssst!! Btw, I still accept angpow! ;)


  1. nicely done ... u could be in the making of a miniature artist ... Good job darling!

  2. omgness terri.. i didnt know you bake .. thats seriously nice cupcakes. what are the prices? xoxo mun yee

  3. Hi Mun Yee,
    Long time no hear from you :)
    Yes I bake.. been doing that for quite a while now..
    Depending about the design and complexity.. it's between 3.50 - 5 per cupcake :)