Monday, April 19, 2010

You can read a book and eat it too!!

Did a book cake as homework for the class that I attended.. we must constantly improve ourselves right ??

The design can be better... but that's what the instructor told us to do... can't argue with the teacher right ??.. Ah well... No worries... can ALWAYS change the design to whatever we want now that we have the main book structure...


  1. Hmm.. twilight will be interesting...

  2. Can... anything also can...Mills & Boons also can... Hahahahahaha

  3. wat abt the content of economic's textbook. kekekeke. XD

  4. Hi HuaLi..
    Content of economics textbook ?? U must really like Econs.. ahhaha!! Can too.. If you want.. You just need to email me the jpeg of the page.. :)