Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smallie's Day

My son is so into Transformers now.. that he breathes.. eats and sleeps Transformers at the moment...
He has been requesting me to bake him a Transformers cake for a while now.. so finally on his big day... 08.08 - I baked him one...

Well.. I cheated.. coz I didn't exactly do a 3D Bumblebee robot (He calls himself Bumblebee!!) for him.. I did a simple Autobots logo on a simple Chocolate Moist Cake for him...

Sigh.. What to do.. His mummy is simply plain lazy... I promise to do better next year BumbleBee :)


  1. Wow! It's real cool!!! Today it's Transformers...next year could be another one. Hehehehhehe....thus far, Caitlin's still very much into Disney Mickey.

  2. Thanks Alina.
    Yup! You are right! Last year was all about Thomas & Friends... and now.. Transformers Lols!