Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cassie's Hantaran

Cassandra is having her Nikah ceremony tomorrow and she requested me to help her to bake a Hantaran cake for her soon husband to be..
She said she wants nothing fancy but a simple 2 tier cake..both chocolate cakes with melting chocolate cream inside of coz!!
Covered with white fondant, it's alslo wrapped with loads of magenta apple blossoms and purple violets and violet leafs.. topped with a bit of silver lustre to give it a shimmering look..

Cassie said for her wedding reception in July, she wants me to create a 5 tier cake for her and I went like... Uh???? You sure arr? That means I have to start to prepare my work in May.. heheheh!!
On top of that, she informed me yesterday that, it's also her hubby to be birthday tomorrow... and pleaded me to whip up a simple simple cake ... chocolate again... and get me to bring over tomorrow morning when I attend her Nikah ceremony. Sigh... why do I succumb to all these last minute stuff? Haih.. And I still have not thought of any design yet and i got to deliver tomorrow.. :p Cham!!

Anyway... here's the masterpiece for Cassie's Nikah Ceremony and my dear Cassandra, Congratulations to you and welcome to the dark side!! :D