Friday, March 13, 2009

Princess Thea

It's been a while since I last post my cake creation... Been busy with experimenting with lots of new recipes.. and it was great!!
Here's my latest creation for a 3 year old birthday girl... her mommy told me she likes Cinderella and Chocolate.. But then, I created Princess Thea for her instead.. with lots of butterfly ribbons and daisies...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS THEA... I hope you like your Princess Cake!!


  1. Thank you Terri.. she loved the cake. In fact, so did all her friends and her friends' mom. They said that the cake was delicious! Well done!!

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  3. You are most welcome.. I'm glad she liked it! :D
    So got do advertising for me or not ? ;) hehehe!!

  4. wow.... the cake is lovely! my saliva is drooling just by the look of it...